Mindly…. a way to get things done?

I love to make lists and try to organise myself more. I am constantly punishing myself for not being tidier and not having more of a clue what is going on in any given day, at any given moment. As a teacher, when I’m working at full speed I don’t have time to deliberate over decisions and need to get things done quickly and move on. I am quite good at this. However, give me a bit more time and I am a Procrastinator with a capital P. The to-do lists get written, re-written, typed up and shared on all devices. And at some point once I’ve wasted a good few hours doing that I will start actually doing tasks on that list.

There must be a better way? I have recently been introduced to Mindly and it is a mind map tool. It allows you to group your ideas into projects or categories and link other tasks to the original in a very beautiful, visual way. For me, personally it is allowing me to organise my gain time and professionally my classes are using it to map out the units we will cover on our end of year exams.

You can save multiple mind maps, export them to other apps such as Seesaw, email them as a pdf.

I really like the look of this app and I have printed out my gain time mind map to help motivate me to do some of it. And writing this blog post is on there so this is not procrastination at all and I am winning at life.

Ok I probably didn’t need to stroll to the printer, or indeed print it at all.

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