When things don’t quite go to plan.

After accepting a job in Bangkok nearly a year ago we were excited about the move and I began to sort all of our belongings into two terribly messy ‘keep’ and ‘don’t keep’ piles. I blocked out the fact we had only accepted one job for a good 6 months and it only really began to sink in when I was doing my usual gain time task of sorting out all my files. I had absolutely no idea which syllabus I would be teaching next, or indeed if I’d ever actually teach again! This bubbling panic was masked pretty well with a busy trip home to see our family. There were a few wobbles, where I felt totally worthless and couldn’t imagine how I’d fill my days once we had moved and the kids were in school all day, but mostly I felt fine.


Fast forward 5 months and with hindsight, I can see that I handled the move fairly well. Logistically it couldn’t have gone better! Using the short term storage place to keep our stuff here over the summer was a stroke of genius. The kids settled into school straightaway and the apartment we saw in June was as lovely as we had remembered. Everything was great, right up until I finished dropping the kids off at school and suddenly had hours on end to myself. It sounds heavenly doesn’t it. It sounds heavenly to me right now actually, as I sit here and type this. But at the time it felt terrifying. Moving to a new city is daunting at the best of times but doing so when you are feeling low on confidence is particularly hard.


The plan is ever changing for our time in Bangkok and I have now managed to secure temporary work as a teacher until the summer and then, at a different school, a full time position for August. When I think about the fact that I have somehow managed to sort it all out, I can’t quite fathom it at all. I definitely changed as a result of my unemployment. I hope it has made me more grateful. I think it has made me more curious about what I define success as, and how best to chase it in the future.

As I work on my preparations for my new job, the preparation that I felt I should have been doing last May, I will try to document more of my teaching strategies on this blog.

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