Trying to read more…… January

So I have given up Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully forever. What on Earth is the world coming to when everything you do is done to get the perfect photo to post on social media. This realisation isn’t a new one, but the addiction had previously overruled the logic in my brain. The tipping point happened on a beautiful beach on an island in Thailand. Well it should have been beautiful, but wasn’t due to the hundreds (I am not exaggerating) of people posing for photos on the beach. All the same pose, scarf above the head, flying wildly in the wind. One foot raised off the ground, perhaps a peace sign, or a serene expression on the face whilst staring into the middle distance. All posed. All fake.

No thank you. I still take hundreds of photos. Mostly of us with the kids or sometimes just of interesting things we see. Maybe I don’t even need to take so many photos but the main thing is that those photos are for me and my family. We have been using Google Photos more (we can, now we aren’t in China!) and have set it up to view each others full collection. We are partners on Google Photos. It is a brilliant way to use the software and we have created sharing folders for specific photos for our family.

So the photo situation is sorted, at least for now. But what am I going to do with all this time I have? The time that I would have usually cashed in to read about how so and so from uni is getting on in her new job, or to see how cute someone else’s baby is, or how white someone else’s wedding dress is.

Read is my answer. Read, and maybe write.

This month I have been working my way through Tom Sherrington’s The Learning Rainforest. 


My first impressions are that it is amazing to have an overview of key educational strategies from the past few years. He introduces topics, links to the research, explains how it can work in the classroom and adds his opinion. It makes for a very interesting read.

His arguments against excessive data collection but for regular low stakes tests are spot on, in my opinion. And his understanding that students should carry out some science practicals simply to experience them is also genius.

I need to finish this book and then I’ll try to post a full review.

I’m certain it will impact on my teaching from August.


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